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A mixture of breakdancing and theater introduces you to 23 unforgettable characters and a riveting life affirming story. (streaming video)

A sexier, more violent Waiting for Godot investigating the human drive to communicate and the inherent incompleteness of language. (livestream Zoom performance)

Colorado performers and musicians united to create 13 amazing acts in this circus showcase. (streaming video)

Help James, your modern-day hopeless romantic, make decisions and choices as he goes on a date in this post-crisis world. (streaming video)

A sister helps her brother overcome his past trauma in this original musical. (streaming video)

Journey to the spot where the witches meet for a chilling devised theatre experience. (streaming video)

A theatre noir that explores the dangers of comfort, the price of a secret, and what runs through our veins. (livestream Zoom performance)

"Locked In" crafts an emotionally charged story between two characters that are trapped in an audience suggested single location. (streaming video)

Biographical snapshots, from a bariatric journey. (streaming video)

An experimental interactive theater piece challenging the role of the audience in a live performative setting. (livestream Zoom performance)

Step into the grim, grizzly world of the surreal, the mystical, and the unseen. The Twilight Zone, the music video, and silent film converge here. (streaming video)

A completely interactive two screen performance, featuring dialogue written anonymously in real-time by a live audience (on the internet). (livestream Zoom performance)

The life and times of the gay father of American poetry, Walt Whitman. (streaming video)

Participate in a live magic show and be amazed in the comfort of your home. (livestream Zoom performance)

A fun half hour variety show with Colorado comic and L.A. girl Janae Burris. (livestream Zoom performance)

Denver comedians and friends coming together to keep you laughing. (livestream Zoom performance)

Sammy Anzer hosts a lineup of comics from Denver's thriving comedy scene in an informal format like they're chilling in a basement together. (livestream Zoom performance)

Stand-Up Comedy for those with only a little shame. (livestream Zoom performance)

The best comedy from Westish, Denver's own satire publication. (livestream Zoom performance)

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Countdown to the Denver Fringe!

Perform June 24-27, 2021 @ the Denver Fringe!